Helix NAV-TV ZEN-M MOST purkki
Helix NAV-TV ZEN-M MOST purkki Helix NAV-TV ZEN-M MOST purkki Helix NAV-TV ZEN-M MOST purkki

Helix NAV-TV ZEN-M MOST purkki

Most 150 Audio lntegration KIT Mercedes

999,00 €
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Saatavuus Ei varastossa - tilattavissa
Toimitusaika 2 - 5 työpäivää

The NAV-TV ZEN-M processor seamlessly converts late model Mercedes factory MOST-150 audio bus to 12-channel analog RCA and TOSLink output. Adding aftermarket amplifiers to the OE NTG5, 5.1, 5.2 or 5.5 system has never been so simple. This module integrates with the OEM M.O.S.T.® bus to retain volume control, full fade and balance (analog only), treble, mid-range, bass control & Bluetooth voice calls with no external speaker (true OEM integration.

Tekniset tiedot:

• Interface for generating a digital stereo signal in optical SPDIF format and 12 analog channels from the MOST®150 data bus
• Interface for generating an analog 7.1 and 5.1 audio signal - for vehicles with video playback function with Dolby DTS and Dolby Surround.
• Allows easy integration of a DSP product into modern vehicles with premium sound systems
• Suitable for vehicles from Mercedes. You can find more information on vehicle compatibility in our adapter database
• Vehicle-specific configuration by simply setting jumpers - no additional software required
• Remote output for switching additional components on and off
• Transmission of important vehicle signals (e.g. parking sensors)
• Volume and tone control via the original radio
• Start up to 6 volts supply voltage
• Very compact dimensions for easy integration into the vehicle  

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