ESX Audio Vision VXP84 subwoofer
ESX Audio Vision VXP84 subwoofer ESX Audio Vision VXP84 subwoofer ESX Audio Vision VXP84 subwoofer ESX Audio Vision VXP84 subwoofer
ESX Audio

ESX Audio Vision VXP84 subwoofer

20 cm (8”) High End Flat Subwoofer

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With the VISION VXP subwoofers, ESX presents a new high-end woofer series for which a great deal of effort has already been put into the drawing board. The important components such as aluminum basket, voice coil and membrane have been completely redesigned in order to uncompromisingly achieve the development goal - high end subwoofers with low Installation depth. Practically nothing is "off the peg", so in addition to the cone, another 12 components were specially tooled. The effort on the independent cast aluminum basket with integral magnetic drive and the newly formed honeycomb membrane is particularly evident.

 The lavishly equipped voice coils with a diameter of 50 mm for the 8-inch model and even larger 65 mm for the 10-inch model mean that the subwoofers can withstand extremely high loads of 300 or 400 watts RMS. The high values are also due to the use of a special, 32 mm long CCAW voice coil, which sits on an extremely light fiberglass carrier. Thanks to the low mass and  to the powerful dual magnet, another 2dB more efficiency could be achieved.

 Flat woofers have the disadvantage that, due to their design, conventional cone membranes do not fit because there is simply not enough Installation depth. So only flat membranes remain. However, these are very susceptible to twisting if they only consist of one layer. ESX solves this problem with the extremely stable structure of the multi-layer VXP cones, which are reinforced on both sides with glass fiber on the outside and also have a stiff honeycomb structure on the inside. Both woofers prefer small, closed enclosures.


  • ESX Aluminum Basket with high stability
  • 2 x 34 oz. Dual Magnet Driver
  • Fiberglass Honeycomb Cone
  • About 15% more Cone Area by optimizing the Surround
  • 50 mm CCAW Voice Coil on Fiberglass Carrier for approx. 2 dB more sound pressure
  • +/- 20 mm X-Max


  • 20 cm (8”) High End Flat Subwoofer
  • Power Rating 300/600 Watts RMS/Max.
  • Impedance 4 Ω
  • Installation depth 87 mm
  • Installation diameter 189 mm 
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