ESX Audio Vision VXB8WS (pari)
ESX Audio Vision VXB8WS (pari) ESX Audio Vision VXB8WS (pari) ESX Audio Vision VXB8WS (pari)
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ESX Audio Vision VXB8WS (pari)

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For BMW enthusiasts who want to experience stronger bass but find that the large 200 mm subwoofer VXB8W does not fit, ESX has now developed a special “S” version. With an installation diameter of 185 millimeters, this variant fits in almost all BMW vehicles. The VXB8WS subwoofers are particularly suitable for the latest models such as the G-types.

The VXB8WS subwoofers, which are delivered in pairs, also have robust, very large 51 mm voice coils that can handle up to 180 watts RMS at 2 ohms. This means that very high levels can be reproduced effortlessly. To prevent deformation of the flat membranes, ESX uses a composite material made of Kevlar and a special foam in the high-quality subwoofers. Compared to standard BMW basses, the ESX subwoofers are not only audibly superior, but also noticeably superior. The VXB8WS are undoubtedly one of the best basses for BMW vehicles currently on the market.

Of course, the subwoofers can also be easily combined with the high-end 2-way VXB4.2C 10 cm component system. The combination works optimally when an ESX DSP amplifier is used. In this case, an audiophile high-end sound experience is guaranteed.

Sopii kaikkii bemaeihin, mutta tarkoitettu etenkin G2x, G01 ja G05 mihin muuta bassot ei ilman dremelöintiä mahdu.


  • 20 cm (8”) Subwoofer (Pair)
  • Power Rating 180/300 Watts RMS/Max.
  • Impedance 2 Ω
  • Frequency Range 30 - 300 Hz
  • 217 mm Kevlar Composite Cones
  • 51 mm Voice Coils
  • Nomex Spiders
  • N35 Neodymium Magnet Drivers
  • Car-specific Connectors
  • Installation depth 31 mm


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